SFB 501

Technical Reports 1997

TR-1/1997: Formal Specification of Real-Time Requirements for Building Automation Systems
    C. Peper, R. Gotzhein, M. Kronenburg
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TR-2/1997: MHEG in Java - Integrating a Multimedia Standard into the Web
    L. Geyer, M. Baentsch, L. Baum, G. Molter, S. Rothkugel, P. Sturm
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TR-3/1997: A Case Study on the Use of SDL
    Thomas Deiß and Thomas Hillenbrand
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TR-4/1997: A Catalogue of Criteria for Evaluating Formal Methods and Its Application
    Thomas Deiß, Martin Kronenburg, and Dirk Zeckzer
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TR-5/1997: Building Automation: A Software Engineer's View
    G. Zimmermann
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TR-6/1997: Online-Support für Techniken und Werkzeuge in einem Software-Entwicklungslabor.
    Frank Kollnischko, Stefan Vorwieger, Marcus Ciolkowski, Stefan Haubrichs and Dirk Muthig.
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TR-7/1997: Modeling Real-Time Systems with SCR - An Evaluation and Lessons Learned in a Building Automation System Project.
    Lothar Baum, Barbara Dellen, Erik Kamsties, Antje von Knethen and Stefan Vorwieger.
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TR-8/1997: Goal-oriented Organizational Learning with the SFB 501 Experience Base.
    Raimund L. Feldmann, Jürgen Münch, and Stefan Vorwieger.
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TR-12/1997: Pattern-based Configuring of the Internet Stream Protocol ST2+ with SDL
    B. Geppert, F. Rößler, P. Schaible
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TR-13/1997: Empirical Investigation of Perspective-based Reading: A Replicated Experiment.
    Marcus Ciolkowski, Christiane Differding, Oliver Laitenberger, and Jürgen Münch.
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