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Subproject C1

Formal Description Techniques




The use of formal description techniques can support the development of large systems, because they allow a precise specification of systems and they are a prerequisite for automatic analyses. The investigation and improvement of the methodical usage of formal description techniques is the goal of subproject C1.

The investigations are conducted in the context of the application domain building automation. Furthermore, subproject C1 supports the other subprojects of the SFB in the use of formal description techniques.

In detail subproject C1 works on the following topics:

Case Studies

The central part of an event-driven simulator for heat-flow within buildings has been specified to study appropriateness of specific formal methods.
FOREST problem specification
The complete problem specification of a system for the light and temperature control of a floor of a building of the university of Kaiserslautern has been developed according to the FOREST approach.


Former Staff


Bibliographies on Formal Methods

The FDT project maintains an Searchable Annotated Bibliography on formal methods.

See also The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Formal Methods.
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