SFB 501


A1  Software Engineering Laboratory
     Prof. Rombach Abstract Staff
A2  Development of a Flexible Modeling and Enactment Environment for Software Development Processes
     Prof. Rombach, Prof. Richter Abstract Staff
A3  Supporting Software Engineering Processes by Object Relational Database Technology
     Prof. Härder, Dr. Ritter Abstract Staff
A4   Experimenting with Techniques for Generic Software Product Lines
     J. Münch Abstract Staff
B1  Generic Modeling of Processes and Experiments
     Prof. Rombach Abstract Staff
B2  Knowledge-based planning and control of SE processes
     Prof. Richter Abstract Staff
B4  Generic communications systems
     Prof. Gotzhein Abstract Staff
B5  Generic System Software
     Prof. Nehmer Abstract Staff
B10  Software development with pre-configured systems
     Prof. Nehmer Abstract Staff
C1  Formal description techniques
     Prof. Avenhaus, Prof. Madlener Abstract Staff
D1  Application Area 'Building'
     Prof. Zimmermann Abstract Staff
D2   Model-based development o f reusable control algorithms
     Prof. Litz Abstract Staff
Z   Geschäftsstelle des SFB 501
     Helena Alt Staff


SFB 501 - Development of Large Systems with Generic Methods