SFB 501 - Team 2

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Team 2 consists of members of the different research groups within SFB 501. The team's main task is the development of an architecture for house automation systems. In order to validate the architecture, a prototype is developed in a version restricted to a single room. After completion of the prototype, some experiments will be performed concerning variants and scalability of the system.

Through Team 2's lifecycle, the following subgroups with the stated goals have been formed:

Team 2-1: Architecture group
Design of a conceptual architecture for the control system including its validation based on a concrete room.

Team 2-2: Sensor group
Development of concepts for integration of sensors and actuators into the control system.

Team 2-3: Completion group
Enhancement of the conceptual architecture concerning the functional areas of error handling, user interaction, intialization and configuration.

Team 2-4: Restriction group
Restricting the architecture as suitable for the implementation of a prototype.

Team 2-5: Formal Requirements group
More formal collection of user- and developer-related requirements based on the initial problem description and experiences gained while designing the architecture.

Team 2-6: Formal System design group
Formal description of the restricted prototype based on the conceptual architecture.

Team 2-7: Prototype group
Design and implementation of the control system prototype.

Team 2 Documents

Internal SFB Colloquium, Dagstuhl, Germany, June 7-8, 1996

G. Molter, 05.03.1997