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Team 3 was founded at the beginning of the year 1998, i.e. at the beginning of the second promotion period of the SFB 501. Its aim is to set up and execute an experiment to demonstrate State-of-the-Art techniques and methods and to deliver a baseline for effort and error distribution data. There are plans to follow further variants from that Baseline Experiment to demonstrate a continuous enhancement of the development of large software systems by the SFB.

Members Email addresses and homepages of all members of Team 3, classified by work groups and experiments.

Work groups

The tasks of Team 3 were distributed on three SFB work groups, consisting of members of different subprojects.

Minutes (internally)

The minutes of the several work groups, of the Baseline Experiment BaX and of the entire Team 3.

Baseline Experiment (BaX)

BaX (Baseline EXperiment) is the first experiment of Team 3. It serves for the fundamental acquisition of effort and error data as well as for the collection of experience of a State-of-the-Art development process.

Variant Experiments

  Variant experiments are subsequent experiments, by which improvements of the basis processes (BaX) are to prove. Since BaX has not been finished yet, no variant projects exist.
Baseline Experiment 2 (BaX2) BaX2 (Baseline eXperiment two) is the second experiment of Team 3. Changes in the new project are based on experiences made with the BaX project. Moreover an additional process was inserted to improve the transition from the problem description to the requirements analysis.
Baseline Praktikum (BaX3) BaX3 (Baseline EXperiment) is the third baseline experiment of the SFB 501. Changes in the new project are based on experiences made with previous BaX experiments and previous practical courses. In contrast to BaX and BaX2, this experiment covers the complete development cycle from requirements analysis to implementation and testing.


Documents, which were created, but which are no longer directly relevant for the other points.

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