The Control System Specification


The task of team 1 during this phase was the specification of a control system in the application domain building automation using three different formal methods: NRL/SCR, SDL, and statecharts. The problem description given to team 1 had to be analysed especially with regard to consistency.


The overall goal is to find out which strengths and weaknesses each of the methods reveals with respect to the proposed task and to compare the proposed methods.

Work done

The starting point was an informal problem description for an instance of the control system (Problemdescription Building Automation System (37 KB, english, gzipped postscript)) developed by the project D1 which should be used by all other groups.

The team proceeded in the following way:

Work to be done

The current task is to compare the different methods with respect to structure, traceability of decisions, ease of change, and readability.