What we do

Team 1 is one of the interdisciplinary working groups of the Sonderforschungsbereich (SFB) 501. It brings together people from all research areas participating in the SFB 501 in order to make effective use of the synergetic power.

Its purposes are to find out which functional and non functional properties are important in the application domain of building automation systems and the examination of formal methods to find those that are particularly suited to describe these properties. Therefore, knowledge about the application domain is acquired and made available for the other projects of the SFB. It is coordinated by the project C1 as this project coordinates the use of formal methods throughout the SFB.

The task of team 1 in 1995 was first to prepare a problem description stating the customer's wishes and requirements on an automated room control system. Furthermore, a reference model of the physical properties of the problem domain and a simulator facilitating prototype development were finished.

In 1996, requirement specification documents for a control system have been prepared, using three different formal resp. semi-formal specification techniques: SDL (Specification and Description Language), statemate and NRL/SCR (Naval Research Lab/Software Cost Reduction). The three documents will now be compared with regard to structure, traceability of decisions, ease of change, readability, etc.

Corresponding to the three specifications, the following subgroups of team 1 currently exist:

Several publications of team1 are available.