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BaX: Temporary work area

This work area serves as the temporary development area of BaX. It thus reflects the status of development of the documents to the point of access time (that may not necessarily be consistent!).

Development and testing support All documents, which are needed for the development of BaX: Review check lists, file access interface, ...
Development and testing All documents, which result from the development of BaX: Object structure, requirements description and all SDL artifacts of the requirements specification as well as test cases and results.
Data acquisition All Questionnaires used in BaX.
Measurement data Measurement data (graphically) in downloadable form (PS-Files) and for direct view (GIF): Error distribution, Effort and Calendar time

Development and testing support
Interface to access tools and products, version and configuration management Acces Interface (V3)
Review check lists for Requirements description
for Requirements specification
Process overview (graphical) direct (GIF)   
User manual of the building simulator User manual (Postscript)

Development and test
Problem description Problem description (V3)
Building description (V5)
Problem addendum (V1.4)
Object structure Object structure (Ver 1.3, Release req1_R_7)
Requirements description Requirements description (Ver 1.29, Release req1_R_7)
Reqirements specification SDL-Structure
Actuators (direct access)
Control System (direct access)
Datatypes (direct access)
Sensors (direct access)
Utilities (direct access)
Whole System (direct access)
Validation (Testing) System test cases   prepared for the Simulator
module test cases
Results of the system test cases
Results of the module test cases

Data acquisition
Questionnaire to document defects Questionnaire
Questionnaires for effort and calendar data (sorted by the precedence of tasks)
for the task:
Object Structure Design
Task Assignment
Verify Requirements Description
Requirements Modeling
Verify System Requirements
Create Testcases
Create Prototype
Prototype Test

Measurement data (latest status: 06.08.98)
Effort (latest status: 06.08.98) PS
direct (GIF)
Error distribution (latest status: 06.08.98) PS
direct (GIF)
Calendar time (latest status: 06.08.98) Postscript:     to 30.06.98    to 06.08.98
direct (GIF):   to 30.06.98    to 06.08.98

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