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SE-1 1999 practical course (BaX3): Temporary work area

This work area serves as the temporary development area of the SE1 practical course 1999 (BaX3). It thus reflects the status of development of the documents to the point of access time (that may not necessarily be consistent!).

Planning All planning documents like time tables, gannt charts, etc.
Exercise sheets All exercise sheets delivered within the course
Support for development and testing All documents, which are needed for the development of the SE-1 practical course (BaX3) team: Review check lists, file access interface, ...
Development and testing All documents, which result from the development of the SE-1 practical course (BaX3) team: OO development documented by three documents covering oo analysis, design and implementation as well as test planning and results.
Data acquisition Questionnaires used in of the SE-1 practical course (BaX3).
Measurement data Measurement data (graphically) in downloadable form (PS-Files) and for direct view (GIF): Error distribution, Effort and Calendar time

Coarse grained planning
  • A Gannt-Chart that shows the planning in weekly resolution
  • A time table
  • Project plan The project plan consisting of precedence praphs, process modell and product modell: Project plan
    GQM plan (not yet available)

    Exercise sheets
    Exercise sheets and supplementing documents

    Support for development and testing
    Development teams
  • Problemdescription and customer requirements with assigned development groups
  • list of developers with account
  • list of developers with development group
  • Templates System documentation consisting of: (in german)
    (the following documents are FrameMaker-Books, tarred and gzipped)
    Review check lists
  • Review Checklist "Grob- und Feinanalyse" (see exercise sheet No. 3)
  • Review Checklist "Systementwurf und Komponenten-Anforderungen" (see exercise sheet No. 6)
  • Review Checklist (Code)(see exercise sheet No. 8)
  • Guidelines
  • Programming and documentation guidelines
  • Supplementary hints for code implementation
  • Supplementary hints for the handling of sensors and actuators
  • generating the system docmentation with StP ( part 1, part 2, part 3 )
  • Introductory documents Introduction into External References Books
    • Bernd Oesterreich: "Objektorientierte Softwareentwicklung mit der Unified Modeling Language". Oldenburg-Verlag, 4., aktualisierte Auflage 1998.
    • James Rumbaugh, Michael Blaha, William Premerlani, Frederick Eddy, and William Lorensen: "Object-Oriented Modelling and Design". Prentice Hall, 1991.
    Documents and models to be reused SFB501 Life cycle model Documentation example (System WASTE, in german)
  • Problem specification V1 (formal/revised problem description) ( PS-File)
  • Test Oracle (D1 simulator description)
  • Estimations of effort and error rate based on previous projects
  • Comments and decisions (emails) OO-Anaysis OO-Design Implementation

    Development and test
  • Building description (BaX3, V1.2) (html)
  • Time reference model
  • Problem description (BaX3)
  • System documentation
  • Problem-Lösungsdokumentation (Version 1_6, 05.06.99)
  • Software-Systemdokumentation (Version 1_5, 29.06.99)
  • Software-Komponentendokumentation (ask for the code)

  • Data acquisition

    Measurement data (latest update: 11.08.1999)
    Lessons learned Text File (informal description, Version 1.4)
    Defects (not yet available)
    Calendar time
    Personal skills Results for personal skill in the area

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